Asian Family in the U.S 

Currently, I am working on a personal project that focusing on Asian immigrants life in the U.S.A. specifically, I am interested in fatherhood, gender role, community education, and family kinship network.


For the initial project, I have done a systematic analysis of Korean father in the United States, and their acculturation patterns and family conflict. Through systematic review of existing literature, I found there is very little social research on Korean immigrants. From this attempt, I can open the perspective of Asian immigrants overall.


For the concessional research, I finished a paper that focusing on Asian adult education concentrated on social and cultural assimilation of Asian immigrant. This research helps me to understand a bright future of ethnically minority adult education.


For the next step, I will collect personal stories of immigrants there past and current a long with demographic changes through out their immigrant status.


I firmly believe that this project will help to give more tolerance to both mainstream culture and minorities. 



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